S1 Episode 7 Anxiety | Comfort – with Charlotte Gann

‘I definitely trust the reader, doing so is all part of the magic of books, the communication with people you never meet.’

You’re not alone. It’s not just you who thinks weird things. This episode features Charlotte Gann who, in her collection Noir, leads us through the mazy streets of her shadowy, filmic imagination — only to introduce us to the tear-inducing honesty of her latest book, The Girl Who Cried.  Meanwhile Robin and Peter’s January reading has ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous: from Dante falling in love with his Beatrice in La Vita Nuova over 700 years ago, to punk poet John Cooper Clarke‘s wry, cheerfully unsentimental autobiography I Wanna Be Yours.  Plus you can expect the usual bardic banter and a thorny issue: are writing prompts a waste of time? Enjoy!