S1 Episode 5: Bliss | Happiness – with Jack Underwood

‘For me humour and the darkness are the same thing, I mean humour isn’t one gear… I do get asked about the role of humour in my own work, I notice that other writers don’t get asked about the role of seriousness in their work… Humour is often about discord and contradiction.’


Christmas is coming and we’re feeling blissed out…. or are we?  The title of Jack Underwood‘s collection Happiness makes Robin happy, but so do Christmas carols, and nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. Meanwhile Peter gets all lyrical about lights and the seasonal slow boat to Guernsey, and in an extended book reviews segment we chew over some of our favourite collections this year including John McCullough’s Reckless Paper Birds, Ilya Kaminsky’s Deaf Republic, Maureen N. McLane’s What I’m Looking For and Caleb Femi’s Poor.