S1 Episode 13: Untold | Unspoken – with LeAnne Howe

‘Think of this as a large powwow that comes together and our community: the northern dance, the southern dance the east and the west came together and, in this round dance way, collaborated to put this book together. It’s quite a spiritual journey as well as an intellectual project and it was very emotional when we realised what it is we had.’


In this episode we encounter esteemed poet, writer and scholar LeAnne Howe  — who talks about the extraordinary Norton anthology of Native Nations poetry ‘When The Light of The World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through’ she edited with Joy Harjo and Jennifer Elise Foerster which highlights the untold stories of people from the Native Nations. She also gives us an insight into how her Chocktaw heritage enriches her own poetry. Plus Robin and Peter share their opinions about a venerable UK poetry magazine, terrible haikus and Nothing in particular.