S1 Episode 3: Close-Up – with Katrina Porteous and Sarah Salway

‘Between the vast coldness of outer space and the intense beauty of the structure of the universe… the human sits directly between those two things.’


Katrina Porteous takes us from the micro quantum world beyond human vision out to the furthest reaches of the universe as we discuss her Bloodaxe collection Edge, and Sarah Salway shares her insights on close observation for poets, books she goes back to, and her collection Digging up Paradise. Plus, our random musings on fireworks and plant names, and Peter introduces us to Greek poet Katerina Angelaki-Rooke.


Poems this episode – Katrina Porteous reads ‘Quiet’ (05:00), ‘Higgs’ (09:10), Window (15:33) Intertidal (18:20) from Edge.  Sarah Salway reads ‘Narcissus’ (32:13); ‘Social Distance‘ (37:11) from Digging up Paradise.  Peter reads ‘Heat’ (48:07) by Katerina Angelaki-Rooke from The Scattered Papers of Penelope.